I think my favourite person ever is jack gleeson


Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?




say goodbye to ur precious animes 

First of all staff, the plural of anime is anime, no s.

Second of all, how the fuck could you do this? This just isn’t fair. You’re not even educated on anime (you don’t even know the plural..) and yet you’re just taking it away? Why don’t you watch some good anime. I’m sure you’ll change your mind.. Why don’t you try Neon Genesis Avengelion, or a classic like Free! (one of my personal faves)

shut up nerd

u guys!!! I got accepted to another university and i really wanna go bcs its only 40 mins away and i’m a weenie and i’ll miss my family so i’m wanting to go there?? but the uni that my older brother goes to 3 hrs+ away offered me scholarships and stuff?? so what?? do i do???!!!

when u trying to holla but the bae doesnt make posts for u to like :/


Cool ghoul has a chill day.